The first trait and the most important is the possession of knowledge.  But it is much deeper than that, for knowledge is the feminine aspect of the god head. Many western mystery traditions describe creation in a similar way, and it establishes the importance of the feminine aspect of the universe.  The creation myths always go something like this:

In the beginning there was GOD and GOD rested in the infinite nature of GOD,

Then GOD spoke and created…..

You know the rest of the story.  My point is; there was god in the infinite void, then he spoke.  The act of speaking requires knowledge.  Knowledge is the non-material thought form that spurs the knower into eventual action.  This magic of guided action or the mere existence of guided action is governed by Sophia.  She is the embodiment of knowledge in its metaphysical sense.  Saint Sophia, lady Sophia, she has other names but the spirit or essence of the idea “knowledge as a spirit” remains the same.

Not unintentionally, Angie and I named our daughter Sophia.  I’ve always loved the name because of its metaphysical origin.  Who knew that the rest of Amercia likes the spirit of knowledge.  This decade seems to be the rule of the Sophia’s.  I think I’ve seen two kid shows where the main characters are little girls named Sophia.

The wise lady knows all the methods to acquire true knowledge.  Man are focused on the scientific method for knowledge acquisition.  Because the results of that method provide results for the things men like, building stuff, blowing stuff up and making money.  The WW understands this method but knows other methods.  The natural methods of listening to your intuition or the stories handed down are her methods because they produce healing.  She knows there are many ways to learn.

Experience be the best teacher.  The WW knows this and seeks out the experience to better understand a situation.  Reading about a thing or listening to others tell about a thing is good.  It builds knowledge but experiencing the thing provides the paths for all the possible levels of knowledge to be transferred.

The WW possesses an awarness of her 6th sense.  Her intuition.  The subconscious feelings and “vib’s” that emanate from the gut or solar plexs region.  She is naturally attuned to it’s language and uses its advise to guide all her decisions.

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