So this is the one topic of which I know nothing about.  That old song with the chorus “Anything you can do, I can do better” comes to mind.  Matter of fact, I can’t do it at all.  Can’t say I’d want to after seeing it 3 times and seeing the trauma it causes physically and emotionally.  But the good thing is you ladies are built for it, THANK GOD.  But as that baby makes it’s way out, it seems they flip some kind of switch in women.  This motherhood switch that can never be turned off.  Men can genuflect, like I am doing now, but we don’t know.   Can’t know.

So the only concepts I can write about are the ones contained in my observations as a son, and what I would image a wise spirit women would have.   And the highest of all traits of the WW is that of unconditional love.  This single thing can make all things seem right in the world.  Encouragement when scared.  Guidance when troubled. Tough love when needed.  She can be upset but she can still make you feel loved.  No matter the issue or problem, you can feel her love if you are open to it.  If you want to be loved.

Nurturing is an interesting concept.  I really had no clue what that meant in the context of a relationship between two people until I went through some grief counseling.  My therapist had to explain a couple of times.  But it is the unselfish acting of joyfully participating in the development of another individual.   That act should be directed by the other person, you’re there just to be there with that person.  Let them show you,  and if they want you to guide them then lovely do so.  Let them decide.  But all the while you are gently guiding them to bigger and better places in their minds and hearts.  The wise women is nurturing you at all times in what your are interested in.  You have to muster the courage to take the first step in your endevour.

Affection, aaahhhh, say it.  Motherly affection is our first introduction to the concept of love and physical and emotional affection.  I do really hope everyone reading this had an affectionate mother.  But some did not.  I remember the affection of my mother.  I can remember we had this little butterfly kiss thing with your eyelashes.  Then another one where we would put our checks together and rolled our faces until we kissed on the lips.  Ok I was probably 5 or 6 maybe younger. But I remember that clearly.  That was motherly affection.  I have other  memories but those were funny.  The real thing I remember is her warmth.  It was a special kind of body heat.  Like her special frequency or something.  When we cuddled on the couch I can remember being so relaxed and warm siting in the bend of her legs as she lay on her side watching TV.  That warmth is what I remember.  I feel it with Angie and the kids also when we are quite and cuddling.  They each have their own warmth frequency.  The WW is an expert at tuning in then tuning up if your open to it.

Worry is the last and it sounds so dark to me. But I have to thank Angie and a couple of other old wise ladies for my understanding on this topic.  Remember the switch I mentioned earlier?  Well I do believe that switch is biological and it also causes the worry circuit in women’s brain to never shut off.  I thought it was just women or the few I’ve met.  But I release now that it is all mothers.  The key is to recognize it for what it is.  Worry is a good trait and helps to identify hazards in the environment.  But it is to related to paranoia.  When worry becomes dysfunctional it begins to feed itself creating a emotional black hole of sorts that will consume the individual and all those in the emotional diameter of the vortex.  The answer she says is pray. Prayer.  Direct connection to GOD and pray for the most benevolent outcome for all.

Back to the outline.


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