Daily Prompt: Your a Winner – Blowing it on health, wealth and happiness for all.

1 billion dollars you say.  Well that’s easy.  First and easiest is building a trust for the family and future generations to insure everyone born into the family has the basics.  Shelter, food and eduction.  The last is my addition to the basic survival equation for modern times. Eduction seems to be the single biggest environmental factor that affects our development.  Much like a garden with rich soil, the fruits are always better when we as humans enrich our lives with knowledge and skills.

I think that will only chew up a few hundred million.  I’m not sure, but I would have a team of lawyers and accounts on it.  They would figure it out.  I manage large departments and small businesses, and the only thing I’ve always hated is crunching financial numbers.  I like seeing the product, but don’t like the work of getting there.  I have come to appreciate accounts, thankful there are people that like doing the work for me.

So what ever is left I’ll spend on something new and life changing for as many people as possible.  But what is it?  What technology or organization out there that could possibly change each and every life for the better.  The only idea with that kind of power would have to be in the realm of alternative energy, moreover, it’s in the shaky, sketchy world of free energy.  We just need a guy like me and my special team to start shedding some light into those rooms.  We live in a universe filled with energy.  Albert E. proved that when we wrote the energy content of a given quantity of mater is equal to it’s mass multiplied by the speed of light squared.  Fancy language for saying all matter has huge amounts of energy contained within it.  Essentially, rivers of energy that have turned in on themselves, and then they “done got all dog knotted up” into quarks, bosons and atoms.  We just need to find the special set of keys that will allow us to untie the knots in a more controled fashion.  Nuclear fission, a.k.a the bomb, releases all it’s energy at once.  And reactors pose radiation hazards for generation to come.  There must be another way.

My foundation would evaluate the best ideas and select the technologies with the most promise.  We’d staff it up and find some answers.  Unfortunately, a problem this complex really requires a billion dollars per month until my children’s grandchildren are great grand parents.  That’s about 110 years from now by my math.  So my drop in the bucket would not amount to much.  However, the foundation and the technologies and methods it developed would act as trim tab for the future of mankind.  Much like how Buckminster Fuller envisioned the long term affect of his work. He knew anything he wrote or invented would eventually fade in significance much like a plane traveling on a 5000 mile journey.  Very tiny adjustments by the pilots at the beginning will produce huge affects on the final location of the vessel.  Free energy is the only technology that would lift the entire planet just a little bit.  All boats lift in a rising river, someone just needs to open the flood gates.



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