When was the last time you were giddy?  How old are you and how long has it been since you where truly giddy?  I’m 40 and it’s been longer than I can remember until yesterday afternoon.  My son had two friends over playing music and video games, and my other two little ones were in the giddious of moods.  Laughing, running chasing, jumping …all that kid stuff.   The giddy whirlwind left a trail of destruction behind including a small bowl of shredded cheese that she was eating.

Of course Dad had to sweep it up.  As I was preparing, I noticed my oldest had his new Beats Studio headphones.  I immediately  commandeered them citing the “All Objects in Fathers House Belongs to the Father of the House “Act of 1723.  He protested.  I denied all appeals.  Justice served.

I slide them on, plugged in my iPhone and hit play.  A playlist from earlier continued starting with Eric Clapton.  Nice.  The headphones are truly awesome technology.  I turned on the sweeper, and then I turned on the active noise cancellation built into the headphones.  The sweeper noise disappeared, and the music is all I heard.  My son started to talk to me, and I could actually hear him.  That’s through the music and the sweeper running.  I was absolutely amazed and fascinated.  I started talking back to him in a voice, I and he, could hear.  I did not feel like I was yelling.  But, I guess I was, because he yelled “WHY ARE YELLING?!”.

Oh.  These are great, I thought.  I click next on the playlist.  It’s on random so Black Sabbath’s, “Paranoia”, started up.  This is a real oldie, but we  listened to it back in high school, so it had fun memories associated with it..believe it or not…

I started sweeping, the giddy whirlwind keeps bouncing off my legs, the older boys wrestling, the music loud and crystal f’n clear right in the center of my head.  Those loud guitar riffs and drum beats and melodies started flooding my head with non-specific feeling based memories from years gone by.  Days when I had the energy of youth still in me.  It became infectious.  I started to laugh hard with them.  Then they laughed more at me and I laughed back.  There we were: me sweeping away and laughing uncontrollably just like them as they bounced around the room laughing.

Now this only lasted maybe 5 seconds, if that.  But I was giddy.  And it felt damn good.  Everyone should try it at least once a year.


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