Do you Believe in Magic? Maybe

4th o' July 2013 or not.

4th o’ July 2013 or not.

Someone wise once told me that a trick only happens in the mind when one cannot imagine a plausible truth.  Stage magicians call this magic.  Priests and Priestesses from long ago and some today use a similar trick.  They healed the sick and otherwise caused changes in people they themselves could not explain.  Ponder the placebo affect for a moment. …. How does the mind cause the healing of the body through the mere thought they are receiving medicine? Is it a trick or do we just not understand what healing truly is?  Therefore, I would be an enlightened being with omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience, that is, if I could be any being I wanted to be.  That way I could never be tricked. HA! Take that universe.  Then I would shine a rainbow light on all the beginnings and esoteric meanings of all the mysteries; so we could finally live in peace and focus on the next step in our collective development.