The Pen

Every year my wife and I struggle to find gifts for each other.  I’ve started to create a wish list on Amazon to make her life easy.  And this year should’ve been very easy for he.  You see I broke my favorite fountain pen.  I know it sounds funny.  It’s 2013 and all, and I do have an iPhone, 2 ipads and a computer at home if I want to write.  But there is something quite magically about writing with pen and paper.  So, I added a couple of decent pens to my wish list for her to choose from.  A few weeks later she told me “she was done with me” as far as gift giving is concerned.

So I went to the Amazon site to see which one she ordered.  I know, I hear you.  I’m ruining the surprise.  But wait.  There was no fountain pen ordered.  I was beside myself.  I told her what I wanted.  I even told her that my broken one was my favorite, and I had purchased in Portland, OR.  It was a real special trip and the pen had been my little companion for 7 years.  Longest I ever had a pen.

Well I did what any man would do.  I found another pen I liked and ordered it.  One with a nice carbon fiber barrel and gold nib.  Now my wife sees all my purchases and noticed this one.  She inquired.  I responded that I saw she did not order one and I really needed (ok wanted) one.  She was mad.  Ballistic would be more appropriate.  I was so clueless.

Well I can’t undo what is done.  So I took the fire I knew was coming, and I received it on 12/19.  We argued about it on the 20th.  I felt a little bad  so I left in the box until 12/24.  I finally got it out to test it.  Very smooth on my heavy note book paper.  Silky.  Nice.

I decided I would charge the pen.  Program it with my energy.  I put on a shaman drum track in my car as I sit parked in a local city park.  I traveled in the second sight to a specific location to gather energy so that my pen would write true and with clarity.

Later that evening, I was looking for something in my car.  I was down low looking under the passenger seat when my pen smoothly slide out of my breast pocket onto the driveway.  Only about 18″ at the most.  Well the impact caused the cap to break free from the thread portion.  Leaving the pen cap worthless at performing it only function.  I was devastated.  And a little angry that I would have to face my wife.  I kept quite as most men would.

Christmas rolls around.  Angie had bought me a nice fountain pen as gift.  Really better than the one I bought my self.  I understood now why she was so anger.  She also got me a pack of purple ink cartridges.  My favorite.

So later that day it occurred to me the synchronistic nature of the event.  I laughed.  I went and gathered the piece of broken pen and laid them in front of her on the kitchen counter.  I said, “You can call off the flying monkey’s now.  You broke my wand.”  “Whatever do you mean?” she says with a smile.  You see, her favorite character from the Wizard of Oz was always the witched witch.

The destruction brought by the flying monkeys

The destruction brought by the flying monkeys