Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Weekly Photo Challenge

The kids in the photo are obviously expressing the joy of the moment. Bright sun on an August afternoon with their parents sweating behind the camera trying to capture the moment. They may or may not be mine.

But that’s not the joy I’d like to point out. It’s the statue behind the kids. It’s titled “Man with Fish” by the artist Stephan Belkenhol. If you look, he is not smiling. His face is not expressing joy, but he’s hugging a fish. I find hugging people I love joyful. This guy must love fish. And the fish seems to love him. It’s spitting water from it’s mouth which must be how fish express joy. ¬†They don’t have arms and hands to hugh with, you see.

The ideas of sacrifice, knowledge and teaching all come together to produce a human that can easily feed himself and his family. That is a joyful and lovely idea Mr. Balkenhol. It worked on us!